Animal Assisted OT for Mental Health

Occupational therapy is about function and “doing”. We are trained to look at how our physical body as well as our mind and emotions affect our ability to do what is important to us.  For some people, this has to do with moving forward in their paid work; for others, it can be parenting, a relationship, a hobby, or some other goal or activity. OTs are trained to help you find a way to meet your goals and to move forward toward the life you want to live.

OTs can use some of the same tools as psychologists or counsellors, but we focus on function and helping you do what you is important to you. We are practical problem solvers and tend to “think outside the box”.

I (Christine) have worked with veterans in the mental health field in the past and have always incorporated mental and emotional health elements into my practice. My courses and certifications include the following: Progressive Goal Attainment Program, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Trauma Exposed Professionals (Wounded Warriors).

I am now also trained and certified by Equine Assisted Learning Canada as a personal development coach. Their motto is “Changing Lives Through Horses”. You can read more about them here (link). Although the certification can be earned by people without a background in mental health or rehabilitation, I offer the training and perspective from my years of education and experience as an OT, changing the focus from coaching to therapy.

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