Christine Whitelaw, MSc. RS, BSc. OT

Christine the OT

Christine holds a Bachelors Degree in Occupational therapy (1987) and a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Science (2007). Her career spans more than 35 years and includes work with clients of all ages and conditions (physical, mental, emotional). She loves learning and continues to take courses and read as much as possible to increase her knowledge.

Christine has professional experience working in schools, hospitals, long-term care, First Nations communities, day programs, and the general community. She has also volunteered with a medical/rehabilitation program in Panama.

She currently owns and operates a private practice (since 2003) which employs several other therapists as well as support staff. She recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from her provincial professional association.

Christine the animal lover

Christine was raised on a farm but has been a city dweller for the past 40 years. She has owned several dogs and cats (currently one cat named Peanut), fostered 102 dogs, 6 cats and a dwarf albino hedgehog through local rescues.

She has volunteered in Peru and Guatemala at both domestic and wild animal rescues, caring for animals. She has participated as a volunteer in multiple clinics at First Nations communities with the Canadian Animal Task Force (formerly the Alberta Spay and Neuter Task Force).

Christine the equestrian

Christine is a life-long horse lover, and since 2020, has been immersing herself in the equine world. Recently, she has has participated in various lessons, clinics, disciplines, day camps, mountain trips, and fun competitions; she is learning more about the equine world each day.

Christine currently volunteers informally at New Horizon Ranch where she continues to learn about equines and other animals by participating in their care and training. Some of her favourite animals are Gracie and Clover (a senior Haflinger mare and her 2022 filly); Jujube and Jellybean (a Shetland pony and her 2022 molly mule); and Herman, a baby Boer goat who had difficulty learning to nurse and became a bottle baby. On a trip to the vet, Herman once locked Christine out of her truck. That’s another story!

Education related to animal assisted therapy

Christine completed a Certificate in Animal Assisted Intervention at Lakeland College in the spring of 2022. She has completed training and been certified in Equine Assisted Learning, and Hippotherapy. She is a bit obsessed with buying books to learn more about horses and how we can partner with them for our health and wellness.

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